Tactonic™ Sensors

Tactonic™ Sensors are cost effective components that enable pressure sensing multi-touch and pressure imaging. They can replace traditional touch pad such as those found in notebook touchpads, desktop peripherals such as the Apple Magic Trackpad, larger format touch/graphics tablets and in interactive whiteboards. They can also be used for custom touch controls in consumer appliances, phones/tables, cars, industrial controls, musical instruments, toys/games, etc.

Tactonic™ Sensors capture real-time pressure images along a surface using a patent pending force sensing technology. These sensors can be made as a single component in sizes up to several square feet. Sensors can also be manufactured as cost-effective ‘Tiles’ that can be arranged to provide an arbitrarily large and seamless multi-touch surface, for example on large tables, walls, floors, automotive, robotic or for large format industrial uses such as conveyor belts.

Tactonic™ sensors can be designed to meet your size, shape and any other specific requirements:

  • Local Dynamic Range: 12 bit; 5g to 5kg
  • Object Weight Range: 5g to 500kg
  • Frame rates up to 250fps
  • Linear Accuracy for finger or stylus movement from: 0.2mm
  • Separate Object Distinction from: 1cm
  • Sensors sizes/shapes from: 5cm² to 1m²
  • Arbitrarily Large Areas (using Tileable Sensors) up to 10,000m²

Other Tactonic™ sensors features:

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