Presentations and Videos

Tactonic Sensor

Tactonic Hand Tiles

Tactonic Floor Tiles

Tiling Tactonic Sensor

Durable/Floor/Walking Sensor

Linearity and Writing

Reflective Flexible Tactonic Touch Display

Courtesy of
Plastic Logic

Emitting Flexible Tactonic Touch Display

Courtesy of the Flexible Display Center at ASU

Smart Wristband

Downloadable Presentations

SAE World Congress, April, 2014:
Solid State HMI Interaction Using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

IHS Interactive Technology Summit, October 2013:
Surface Interaction Everywhere

SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Symposium, October 2013:
Intentionality-Focused Solid State HMI Control Using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

SID Display Week, Touch-Gesture-Motion Track, May 2013:
Touch Technologies on and off the Screen

FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, February 2013:
Touch Technology for any Size: New Application Opportunities

Touch-Gesture-Motion Conference, Austin, December 2012:
Future of Touch

SID DisplayWeek, Boston, June 2012:
Touch 2.0 Presentation