News and Events

Silicon Valley VR Expo, April 2016
Tactonic Technologies, LLC Demo at SVVR

MIT Technology Review
Bring Your Feet into Virtual Reality
Beweeg door virtual reality met je voeten or "Move through virtual reality with your feet"

NYU Entrepreneurs Blog, October 2014:
Startup Showcase: Tactonic Technologies

Med City News, April 2014
Tactonic Technologies wants to bring gait analysis technology to consumer space

CHI 2014, Toronto, Ca, April 2014:
Mechanical Force Redistribution: Enabling Seamless, Large-Format, High-Accuracy Surface Interaction

SAE World Congress, Detroit, MI, April 2014:
Solid State HMI Control using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

Bloomberg BusinessWeek - Innovation Highlight, March 2014
Innovation: Floor Tiles That Can Monitor the Health of the Elderly

PRN.FM: A Woman's Perspective with Virginia Reed, March 2014
Our Health seen through Gait and Balance

Newsweek - Sports and Technology, February 2014
Last Call for Bad Calls

FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, February 2014:
Mechanical Force Redistribution (MFR) Pressure Sensing Films

IDTechEx: Printed and Flexible Sensors 2014-2024: Technologies, Players, Forecasts
Features Tactonic Technologies

IHS Interactive Technology Summit, San Jose, CA. October 2013:
Touch and Intentionality

SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Symposium, Dearborn, MI, October 2013:
Intentionality-Focused Solid State HMI Control using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

SID Display Week, Touch-Gesture-Motion Track, May 2013:
Touch Technologies on and off the Screen

Daily Planet / Digit@l - Discovery Channel, May 2013
Daily Planet / Digit@l with Lucas Cochran

Printed Electronics & Intelligent Packaging Symposium, Clemson, May 2013:
Sensible Surfaces and Interactive Products

Tech News Daily, May 2013:
New Tech Transforms Any Surface into Touchpad

Printed Electronics Europe, Berlin, April 2013:
Mechanical Interpolation for Cost Effective and Continuous Surface Sensing

Marketplace APM/NPR Interview, David Brancaccio, April 2013
Article and Audio

Future Interfaces New York, February 2013
NYC Media Lab / Razorfish

NY Tech Meetup, New York, February 2013
(Presentation video available here)

FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, February 2013:
Touch Technology for any Size: New Application Opportunities

Touch-Gesture-Motion Conference, Austin, December 2012:
Future of Touch

SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces, October 2012:
Automotive Touch Interaction

SID DisplayWeek, Boston, June 2012:
Touch 2.0 Presentation