TactonicTM Sensor under Flexible Displays

The ability of flexible displays to transmit pressure enables the next generation of Touch Displays. These will invert the current touch/display assembly stack by having the touch sensor under the display rather than embedded into a "transparent" glass cover lens that is in the display light path. This allows for lighter, brighter displays that use less power while being more durable.

  • No Optical Degradation of the Display due to Touch Layers
  • Lightweight durable and low power
  • Pressure sensing touch
  • Operate with Bare or Gloved hands
  • Operate under harsh conditions and broad temperature ranges
  • No significant EMI Issues

Assembly Stack for Flat or Curved Touch Display

Reflective Flexible Tactonic Touch Display

Courtesy of
Plastic Logic

Emitting Flexible Tactonic Touch Display

Courtesy of the Flexible Display Center at ASU

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