TactonicTM Control Panels

Tactonic Control Panel Backplane Modules support any configuration of buttons, sliders, joysticks or any other type of input. This provides perfect backplane for any type of control panel, either under a printed overlay or under a passive molded overlay.

      Areas of Use       Features
  • Medical Controls
  • Industrial Controls
  • Automotive Applications
  • White Box Appliances
  • Game Controllers
  • Lightweight durable and low power
  • Operate with Bare or Gloved hands
  • Operate under harsh conditions and broad temperature ranges
  • No significant EMI Issues
  • Supports LED Feedback
  • Standard Interfaces: I2C, UART or SPI
  • Integrated sensor and controller
  • Provides fully processed high level control events

TactonicTM Control Panel Designer Application

In addition to the C/C++ libraries and demonstration source code, our standard Development Kit includes a desktop Control Panel Designer GUI application. Without having to do any programming, this application allows you to easily create reconfigurable control panels that work with the provided sensor.

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